Sallyann Burchard (October 10, 1931 – February 20, 2009)

Sally had an extra special place in her heart for Camp Gilead and the ministry here. Her daughter, Sara, and son in law, Jack Moyer raised six of her grandchildren at camp, while serving on staff. She spent her summer Mondays supervising the six grand-kids while Jack and Sara were busy checking in all of the campers. It was a special blessing to know that the kids were safe and well cared for while their parents were totally occupied elsewhere! Sally also served as camp nurse a few times, before Jack and Sara were even married, much less living at camp. She once brought home a little black kitten that had been born at Camp Gilead and gave him to Jack and Sara so when they got married they would have a pet. A couple years later said cat moved back to Camp Gilead with his “parents” to minister to the mice… She was a faithful servant of Jesus Christ, she loved her church family and stayed very intentionally in the study of God’s Word and prayer.

Matthew Moyer