Lance Verne Ward (October 25, 1948 – January 9, 2009)

Lance helped numerous children during his lifetime and enjoyed having children around him. He was there to help anyone that needed it, even when he was not asked. His wish was that in his memory children might attend Camp Gilead in the summer, even if they could not afford it. Lance worked in the timber industry and for the Okanogan County Public Works. Lance worked for the road crew for 20 years before retiring due to health issues. He was well respected by all of his co-workers. Lance considered all of his crew his “boys” and talked about them with high regard. Lance loved every aspect of his family. He loved raising his family along with spending time with them all. Lance and Shari enjoyed the outdoors and loved to hunt and fish. They both had taken up bow hunting together. Lance was a member of Okanogan First Baptist Church and was respected by the entire congregation. He believed in the Lord and was not afraid to spread the gospel. Lance was very active in the church and was a trustee. In recent years, he enjoyed the annual trip to Camp Gilead for the Men’s Retreat and fellowship with the men from his church.

Matthew Moyer