Recent Projects

Camp Gilead is supported by a network of churches. Churches, Staff Alum and Campers have blessed us with their time and hard work in the completion of numerous projects.
Contact Jack, Kimberly or Josh Mallory to discuss ways your church can support Gilead!


Dining hall laundry facility

The dining hall laundry facilities were rebuilt as a staff alumni project in 2018.


Program office remodel

The camp program office received a much needed remodel during a staff alumni project in 2017.

Chapel Roof & Paving

In 2017 the chapel roof was replaced and a donation allowed for the drive way and parking lot to be repaved.

Train Restoration

In 2014, we were blessed by Discovery Baptist Church, Gig Harbor who restored the Gilead miniature train.

Camp Office Roof Replacement - 2014



Mattress donation

First Baptist Church – Tumwater - 2014

Eagle Scout Projects

Craig Johnston – Storage Shed (2012)
Adam Johnston – Gaga Pit (2013)
Andrew Dunn – Swinging Bench (2014)
Daniel Powell – Nature Walk Trail (2014)