Jason Taylor (August 7, 1981 – August 3, 2011)

Jason was a lover of God, and of God’s people. He spoke many times of his desire to be who God wanted him to be. He spoke of how he loved being in God’s house with God’s people. He was lover of words, there were many times when he was young that mom would find him reading the dictionary. He loved to learn new things, and did not want to be bothered with things he already knew.  He loved camp ministries, he lived the life of a counselor for many years and dreamed of being able to run his own camp someday. He loved his friends, old and new. In his last few days he made it a point to try to get together with or talk with as many friends as he could. He loved his family, he loved family dinners and gatherings. Jason loved the people in his life, no matter how short or long a time they had been there.

Matthew Moyer