David Spengler (May 29, 1939 – September 2, 2006)

David grew up at Tabernacle Baptist Church, located on Capital Hill in Seattle. When Mrs. Faull donated the property on the Snoqualmie River to the church, the families of Tabernacle immediately began work on the facilities, making them “habitable” for campers. David was part of those first crews in 1948 and was assigned to the “Chicken Coop Brigade.” It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out exactly what his job was! He continued to serve on the camp construction crews throughout his youth and made many spiritual decisions as a camper at Gilead. He and his wife, Carol, both served as counselors during their college years and continued to be a part of the camp ministry during their marriage. In 1974 David and Carol joined First Baptist Church of Eastgate, in Bellevue, and brought that enthusiasm for Camp Gilead with them. David never forgot the part that Camp Gilead played in his life and would want other kids to have the same fond memories that he enjoyed from 1948 till he went to Heaven in 2006!

Matthew Moyer