Welcome back – it’s been awhile!  Teen Camp1 2015-61

Here we are … on the brink of another summer at Camp Gilead!

Are you coming to Gilead for the FIRST time this summer … or are you a SEASONED veteran?

Whatever the case may be, we want you to feel welcome, warm and loved here at Camp Gilead.  It really is a special place, and all that pass through the gates here know that God is at work here.

The Victory Circle at Gilead is a place where we have our campfire time – at least once a week.  It is a place of reflection, of sharing, of decision and of commitment.

So, join us HERE at the Victory Circle as we share these experiences, commitments, decisions and reflect on how GREAT our God is!

We are stoking the kindling, gathering the wood, and getting the fire ready for Summer 2016.

Come back again soon!  And this time … I’ll bring the s’mores!

Kimberly Mallory

Camp Gilead Program Director