We have almost completed our week of staff training!  It’s been a week of work projects, training session, teaching sessions, webinars, back pocket games, night activities, how to deal with specific camper scenarios, policies & procedures, surprise trips, meals together and tons of friendships, bonding and memories created. 


Here are some of the things the staff have shared that they have learned.


  • Every summer brings new things, new people, new experiences and memories
  • There are Biblical ABSOLUTES, convictions and preferences.
  • The variety of personalities here make the time and experience a lot of fun!
  • Knowing a person’s personality type can greatly strengthen your relationship with them
  • To appreciate camp beds.
  • Backpocket games.
  • The best way to make friends fast is to just be as weird as you are at home.
  • Singing country songs makes work projects so much more enjoyable!
  • Being accepted by others is great, but it’s not your only goal at camp.
  • Sleep when you can.
  • Be a counselor first, friend second.
  • The importance of bonding and getting along with other staff members.
  • Camp is for the campers.
  • There is no room for drama at camp.
  • Your closest friend may be the person you least expect it to be.
  • Conflict is the greatest opportunity to grow at camp.
  • Don’t return to staff again with the expectation that it will be the same as the previous year.
  • Flexibility.  You’ll never know when there is a surprise camping trip.
  • That bosillo means little pocket.
  • “When you are with a guide you trust, you don’t have to worry about which path you’re on …”
    (a quote from Bob Goff Webinar)
  • Not everyone has the same convictions as you – that’s ok.
  • How to use a laminator and copy machine.
  • As a CIT … I CAN be a counselor, with the Lord’s help!
  • Pain lasts for a minute.  God’s glory lasts forever.
  • My heart and mind needs to be prepared so that when the unexpected comes, we can trust.
  • How to make coffee.
  • The importance of a relationship with a camper.
  • That I need to be praying for God to effectively use me to minister through me to campers this summer.
  • A smile and encouragement can turn around someone’s day.
  • Take every opportunity to get to know and grow close to those around you.  You don’t know if they’ll be there tomorrow.