What is the Victory Circle?

What is it about fire?  The flickering flames, the dancing shadows, the perceived anonymity , the penetrating heat and the constant change compels children, moms, dads and humans all over the world to dig deep, to reflect and to consider.

At Camp Gilead, our Friday night campfire ceremony happens at the Victory Circle.  It is a nostalgic amphitheater in a circle of tall evergreen trees at the center of camp, often walked past during the day, without a thought to the conversations, thoughts and reflections that have happened there or will take place in the days to come.

After Friday’s chapel, there is always an air of excitement as campers begin to pull out and light up their smuggled glowsticks and necklaces.  Campers and staff leave the chapel in the darkness and begin to sit on the seats surrounding the fire.

At the Victory Circle, there are moments of laughter, moments of awkward silence, but there are also moments of delicious silence as we, as a camp, stare into the fire and reflect on the fact that in a few short hours, we will return to what we left back at home on Monday.

The Victory Circle is a place where many voices share what God has done in their lives that week, as well as a chance to sit one last time with our Camp Gilead family.  Welcome to the Victory Circle.  You are part of the family.  Who will be next to share?