Taryn Kelly
Taryn Kelly (March 13, 1980 – September 7, 1999)
 is best remembered, by her campers and fellow staff members, for being extremely passionate about reaching children and young people for Christ. Taryn spent two summers ministering as a camp counselor and saw many campers put their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior while in her care. She grew up attending Family Camps with her parents and brothers and also attending youth camps. The Memorial Scholarship Fund at Camp Gilead was founded by her parents, Jim & Lynn Kelly, to reach out to more youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

David Spengler
David Spengler (May 29, 1939 – September 2, 2006)
 grew up at Tabernacle Baptist Church, located on Capital Hill in Seattle. When Mrs. Faull donated the property on the Snoqualmie River to the church, the families of Tabernacle immediately began work on the facilities, making them “habitable” for campers. David was part of those first crews in 1948 and was assigned to the “Chicken Coop Brigade.” It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out exactly what his job was! He continued to serve on the camp construction crews throughout his youth and made many spiritual decisions as a camper at Gilead. He and his wife, Carol, both served as counselors during their college years and continued to be a part of the camp ministry during their marriage. In 1974 David and Carol joined First Baptist Church of Eastgate, in Bellevue, and brought that enthusiasm for Camp Gilead with them. David never forgot the part that Camp Gilead played in his life and would want other kids to have the same fond memories that he enjoyed from 1948 till he went to Heaven in 2006!

Lance Verne Ward
Lance Verne Ward (October 25, 1948 – January 9, 2009)
 helped numerous children during his lifetime and enjoyed having children around him. He was there to help anyone that needed it, even when he was not asked. His wish was that in his memory children might attend Camp Gilead in the summer, even if they could not afford it. Lance worked in the timber industry and for the Okanogan County Public Works. Lance worked for the road crew for 20 years before retiring due to health issues. He was well respected by all of his co-workers. Lance considered all of his crew his “boys” and talked about them with high regard. Lance loved every aspect of his family. He loved raising his family along with spending time with them all. Lance and Shari enjoyed the outdoors and loved to hunt and fish. They both had taken up bow hunting together. Lance was a member of Okanogan First Baptist Church and was respected by the entire congregation. He believed in the Lord and was not afraid to spread the gospel. Lance was very active in the church and was a trustee. In recent years, he enjoyed the annual trip to Camp Gilead for the Men’s Retreat and fellowship with the men from his church.

Dawn Marie Thompson (November 2, 1960 – November 19, 2015) was a strong believer in Jesus Christ.  She was very supportive of the Young Life program in which her sons actively participated.  She visited Camp Gilead numerous times, as she was a strong supporter of Jim Carlson’s board of trustees involvement, as well as Daniel and Katie Carlson’s activities at camp.  A woman of significance, Dawn’s real gift was her role as “the best mom in the world.” She adored her two boys, Brad and Stevie, and their safety and success in life were always her highest priority. Dawn always made time for their activities and was ever-present at their many baseball games, cheering and encouraging them every step of the way. What they do in life will be founded in her strong support and loving nature. She also had a wonderful ability to gently engage and mother the many good friends that her boys brought home.  Dawn loved baseball and, as a result of her love of the game, both of her sons are exceptional baseball players. Wherever she went, she made the discussions warmer and more enriching (and the kitchen tidier!) and when she walked into the room, everyone smiled that Dawn was now there.  She was loved by so many because, in her quiet, confident, nurturing way, she loved so many and accepted everyone with a smile and a kind word. Beautiful inside and out, she was always willing to lend a hand, give a hug, cry with you and laugh with you.

Abby Cunningham
Abby Cunningham (July 12, 1984 – January 31, 2001)
 is remembered by family and friends for her devotion to Jesus Christ. She dreamed of all her family and friends, in fact her whole school, coming to Christ. Abby enjoyed helping in the toddler class at her church and had travelled with her youth group to Mexico on a mission trip. She spent the summer of 2000 as a “Leader in Training” (LIT) here at Camp Gilead, where she developed incredible friendships with her co-workers and encouraged everyone with her enthusiasm and her brilliant smile. Many friends and family members have attended camp at her invitation. Her deepest desire was to have them hear God’s Word and accept Jesus.

Angie Franklin
Angie Franklin (March 8, 1990 – March 20, 2007)
 first attended Camp Gilead as a Jr. High camper in 2002. She loved being at camp, hanging out at Pop’s Inn, laughing, teasing and visiting with anyone who walked by. She made some of her best friends there and everyone loved her funny personality and her ability to make people laugh with her. Her favorite part of camp was the singing and worship times, and Angie dedicated her life to the Lord while she was at Camp Gilead. Angie served on the High School staff during the summer of 2005. She worked hard while on staff and was thrilled to see two of her campers come to know the Lord that summer. Family was extremely important to Angie and she was very close to her Dad, Mom and two brothers. She was a “little sister” to many of the older staff and a dear friend, who will be greatly missed, to everyone else. Her favorite scripture verses were Proverbs 3:5-6.

Sally Burchard
Sallyann Burchard (October 10, 1931 – February 20, 2009)
had an extra special place in her heart for Camp Gilead and the ministry here. Her daughter, Sara, and son in law, Jack Moyer raised six of her grandchildren at camp, while serving on staff. She spent her summer Mondays supervising the six grand-kids while Jack and Sara were busy checking in all of the campers. It was a special blessing to know that the kids were safe and well cared for while their parents were totally occupied elsewhere! Sally also served as camp nurse a few times, before Jack and Sara were even married, much less living at camp. She once brought home a little black kitten that had been born at Camp Gilead and gave him to Jack and Sara so when they got married they would have a pet. A couple years later said cat moved back to Camp Gilead with his “parents” to minister to the mice… She was a faithful servant of Jesus Christ, she loved her church family and stayed very intentionally in the study of God’s Word and prayer.

Ruth Mehner
Ruth Mehner (April 3, 1918 – October 3, 2001)
 began her involvement with Camp Gilead when Tabernacle Baptist Church first began developing the property in 1948. She and her family were among the workcrews who labored so diligently to build the facilities. Her children, grandchildren and now her great grandchildren attended camps and retreats here. After retirement, she and her husband, Bob, settled here at the camp and spent many years volunteering in the areas of maintenance and housekeeping. She was a faithful servant of God and a wonderful friend and mentor.

Don Vogel
Don Vogel (February 7, 1930 – September 15, 2007)
 was the father and grandfather to several happy campers here at Camp Gilead. During the last several years of his life, he regularly inspected the American flag flying at the camp and replaced it whenever he felt it was time. He was passionate about and involved with his church, his community and his country.

Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor (August 7, 1981 – August 3, 2011)
 was a lover of God, and of God’s people. He spoke many times of his desire to be who God wanted him to be. He spoke of how he loved being in God’s house with God’s people. He was lover of words, there were many times when he was young that mom would find him reading the dictionary. He loved to learn new things, and did not want to be bothered with things he already knew.  He loved camp ministries, he lived the life of a counselor for many years and dreamed of being able to run his own camp someday. He loved his friends, old and new. In his last few days he made it a point to try to get together with or talk with as many friends as he could. He loved his family, he loved family dinners and gatherings. Jason loved the people in his life, no matter how short or long a time they had been there.

Dorothy Erickson
Dorothy Erickson (April 8,1920 – July 2, 2011)
 led three generations of her family to Camp Gilead and was a regular family camper and retreat goer over the years. She was a strong and steadfast family matriarch who wanted her children and grandchildren to know God’s love, experience His creation and love each other. Shepherding her flock to family camp at Gilead year after year, she paved the way for those experiences to blossom in her family’s lives. Dorothy was 91 years young when she was called Home to her final resting place. Her contagiously joyful laugh, unshakeable spirit and humble faith remain with us always.

Travis Reierson
Travis Reierson (March 3, 1987 – March 21, 2003)
 loved Camp Gilead! The highlight of his summers was to see all his friends, both old and new, at camp. Travis felt totally comfortable and engaged at camp, and more than anything else, he wanted others to come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. There is a bench at Camp Gilead, dedicated to Travis’ memory, with the words “proud member of the bench crew,” inscribed on it. That was because he and his friends hung out there the year he broke his nose at camp. He wouldn’t come home for anything…not even that! His family and friends love and miss him and we all know that “we’ll see him when we get HOME!”

Karen Carlson
Karen Carlson (October 20, 1956 – December 11, 2007)
 believed strongly that Camp Gilead is a highly effective evangelistic outreach and that she should support it in every way possible. She was excited about and supported any project going on at camp, if it would further the ministry that she so dearly loved. Karen attended Family Camp for years with her husband, Jim, and later with her children, too. Her kids, Daniel and Katie, have attended youth camps and helped in the kitchen and on summer staff. Karen herself often volunteered in the kitchen, pop’s inn, and especially the overseeing of our nurse’s station. Being a nurse, she took on the job of making sure that the healthcare at camp was readily available in the summer by inventorying and purchasing the needed supplies, talking to doctors about standing orders and backing up our nurses any way she could. Karen also enjoyed attending Women’s Retreat and Mother-Daughter Retreat and always donated gift baskets for give-aways at those events. Karen was an avid scrapbooker and quilter and helped start her church’s annual ladies’ retreat to camp to work on all of their unfinished craft projects. Camp Gilead truly will miss this dear friend. We are all better off for having known her.

Katie Harris Clark
Katie Harris Clark (February 12, 1984 – January 5, 2012)
 learned about Camp Gilead through the AWANA club at her church, East Wenatchee First Baptist, and later went on to help there, telling others about camp. She attended as a camper for five years, she served on the High School Staff for two years and was a counselor for a year as well. Katie always brought friends with her to camp each year. She went on to apply her passion for youth by volunteering as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and starting her own photography business. She was able to practice and learn to live with a servant’s heart at Camp Gilead and that is the legacy she leaves us!