Elita Tippett – 7th grade

Staying up late

Swimming all day

Camp Gilead

Battles at the end of each day

Those hot summer days

That made my ice cream melt away

Camp Gilead

Shooting bb guns

Or arrows,


Or dirt boarding,

Hiking in the woods

Or Friday night live

Where you laugh so hardJunior Camp 3 - Tue (86)

You strive for air

Camp Gilead

an amazing camp

Full of adventure

And everyone can’t wait

till next summer

Where we’ll meet again at

Camp Gilead


Camp Gilead by Elita Tippett 2014

Noah’s ark took me on a cruise

My first year coming for deluge

Away from home my first weekTeen Camp 2 - Wed (34)

But I was not afraid nor meek

I was ready for an adventure

ahead of me

A few years later I came back to the same place that had me riding a canoe,  swimming in the pool, trying to shoot an arrow, or throw a rock with a slingshot,  singing at the top of my lungs the songs that put a smile on everyone.

An adventurous kid I could be

But this year it wasn’t about me

It was about what I couldn’t see

the light gleaming right in front of me

Christ’s plans to make me go further

In what I believe


I had heard of Christ

I had already accepted him into my life

I knew his story

I knew I had fallen short of his gloryCG Cross at Prayer Chapel 2010

But how deep?


I wasn’t dedicated to be

The child of God I claimed to see,

So on my knees

Asking “please forgive me

Take me back into your life

I no longer want struggle with mine

You’ve been here all along

And I’ve been foolish for too long

I rededicate this life to you

Please make me brand new”


God worked wonders that year

As we fought for our victory

To be strong and courageous

Not just at camp but at all ages.

My favorite part may have been;

The night games,

the teams “fighting” with cheers,

the pool, the songs,

the cabin time we got to know each other and trust, but those were not it, just near seconds


The time I had with God

When the sermon came onCG Girls Cabins Boardwalk 2

When the chapel bell rung

I knew that I wouldn’t just go home and move on, My relationship will stay strong And I belong to God.


That week was spent smiling in the works of God I came back next year to be opened up once again Not to recommit but to stay on that mountain and take action I have made new friends and plenty of memories I can only thank God For those weeks I spent laughing and learning Winning and praising Losing and racing Eating and praying Inner-tubing and hugging Swimming and singing Living and seeing….

At Camp Gilead


~Elita Tippett