Anna HeinsAs I write this post, I am currently sitting outside surrounded by palm trees and banana plants with the sun already starting to warm the world. Thankfully the evenings and mornings are still cool enough to enjoy a nice cup of coffee.  The past 5 summers I served on college staff at Camp Gilead. Last summer had the huge blessing of being the Day Camp Director. But by the end of Summer 2013, I knew that God was leading me to serve him overseas.

Where, when, and how? Those were all good questions.

With no answers.

But God is faithful and reveals His plans in His timing.

By the end of October, I was on a plane on a long 24 hr. flight to Thailand.

I’ve been here 4 months so far out of my 10 month trip. I’m completely in love with the culture and the people. I am homeschooling 6 missionary kids, allowing the parents to have more time to teach at the Bible training centre. Anna Heins 2

I have also had the opportunity to teach English and Bible in a Lahu village on the weekends. God has stretched me so much through these adventures. I have found myself getting comfortable with new friends, mentors, and students and then they leave on home assignment or mission trips. But it keeps me continually reaching beyond my comfort zone and clinging to God for strength.

Looking back, camp had a huge part in preparing me for life in Thailand: from always having a game ready to having a conversation with a stranger to running a childcare program.

I am so thankful for my summers at Gilead and impact they have had on my life.

Anna Heins – Day Camp Director Summer 2013