Welcome back to the campfire…although sitting around a fire in this heat is not a place I’d like to be for very long…!

But it is good to hang out with you this morning!

So – we said good bye to our “older campers” that we’ve had for the last few weeks – junior high and high school…and welcomed our youngest campers of the summer.

Yesterday morning 165 little 3rd – 5th graders as well as 40 day campers descended on Camp Gilead and so did the HEAT!

The theme of the day was “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!” Every chance we could take them past the water fountain … we did … and as a result…visited the bathroom many times as well! :)

In chapel this week we welcome Pastor Doug Johnston from Redmond WA. He always comes to Gilead with a variety of tricks up his sleeve…and last nights chapel involved FIRE! Yes – he “blew something up!” Jack and the Gilead Fire Dept were on hand for any potential roaming sparks – but in the end – everything was left intact and campers were still awake at the end of chapel! That’s always a plus!

More heat to come today we’ve heard…pray for our campers as they endure God’s blessing of the sun! We will be doing our best to keep them cool, hydrated and protected…as well as keep their hearts tender towards the Lord and protected from the world’s impact.

See you next time…here at the Victory Circle!

Kimberly Mallory
Camp Gilead Program Director