In our family, there are a number of “givens.”  Do you know the term?  They are things that we just DO!  The dictionary calls them “assumptions taken for granted, habitually inclined.”  Things like going on vacation each year, attending church, growing a garden, giving to the offering, cutting wood, cleaning your room, having a Christmas tree, celebrating birthdays with a cake, and going to Family Camp at Camp Gilead!

Becky and I attended when we had no children in 1974.  We stayed in lodge room 1.  Then Kimberly (now the camp program director!) came along, then seven more children.  The room got small so we took a room in the girls dorm.  We filled it with our 8 children.  These days it is just Brian, Becky, and me, and we love it!

Golfing at family camp ... a few years ago!

Golfing at family camp … a few years ago!

Family Camp is great!  You don’t have to cook meals or do the dishes, not that I do much of that anyway!  It is fun to play basketball, swim, play miniature golf, soccer in the “bowl,” and table games.

The two-a-day chapels have blessed my heart with great preaching and teaching, and lively authentic worship.  My children got to hear some of the best expositors of the Bible that you would want to hear.  There is a nursery for the little ones, and even a children’s program for the juniors.

What a treat for my family to get to know thousands of people from hundreds of other churches from around the world.  Missionaries often attend and take the week to unwind and rest.  Many families use the Family Camp as the destination for their family reunions.  We have seen grandmas and grandpas, their children, and their grandkids enjoy the week together with rooms side-by-side.

The price is right too!  Where can you get five nights of housing, three delicious meals a day, child care during chapel, edifying preaching, lively worship, enriching fellowship, lots of swimming and sports, and 27 acres to roam for a fraction of what you would pay in a hotel or resort?

Consider attending this year with your family!

Consider attending this year with your relatives!

Consider attending this year with a few of your friends!

The Ruhlman family at the Camp Gilead 5K in 2013.

The Ruhlman family at the Camp Gilead 5K in 2013.

Consider attending this year with your church family!

We have attended each year for almost 40 years!

I will be there this year (it’s a given!) and I hope to see you there!

Tom Ruhlman

Pastor – Tabernacle Baptist Church of Shoreline WA