It is a pleasure to report to you again the great things that our Lord is doing at Camp Gilead.   He continues to use the camp environment to minister in the lives of many youth and adults.

Director Jack Moyer with granddaughter.

Director Jack Moyer with granddaughter.

We are excited to report that the 2013 summer attendance was up by 18 over the previous summer, and that our staff had the opportunity to pray with 124 of them as they placed their faith in Christ as Savior.   Quite a number more were challenged in their walk with Him, and rededicated their lives to Him.   The summer staff was a blessing as they served each camper, praying for them, ministering to them, and exhibiting Christ in their own lives.   Please pray for the Lord’s provision of staff for the coming summer, especially male counselors and a Lifeguard for the pool.

Despite the increase in attendance, we finished the year with a financial deficit. While we always have an extremely tight budget, He always provides for us.   We were blessed by many who gave personally to the work here, both to the General fund and also to the Capital Campaign.

Camp Gilead’s Capital Campaign – Building for the Future

We have recently secured the needed Easement for our proposed septic drain field, and the initial design has been submitted to the Washington State Dept. of Health.  We hope to have the first onsite visit with in the next couple of weeks by the State engineers. The Capital Campaign Fund is at a level that will allow us to proceed, but not complete the project.  We anticipate an additional $150,000.00 will be needed to complete construction.

Our non-summer month guest groups were down a little in the Fall, but this Spring has brought several new churches and ministries to Gilead to hold their own retreats.  This is a great opportunity to minister to many believers that need a time to get away, refresh their spirit, and allow Him to speak. During this time, we provide food, facilities, assistance to the group.

We are blessed to travel to many of your churches and share these same blessings, seeing campers, their parents, and in some cases, their new families as they grow up.

If you do not have a representative from Camp Gilead visit your Church, and you would like to, please contact us, we would love to visit your church as well.

Please pray for safety as we travel.

Camp Gilead is a blessing to us as a family, and it is a blessing to serve Christ here.   Thank you for allowing us the chance to minister here.

Jack L. Moyer, Director