One of the most frequently asked questions we get when talking to first time parents is, “what does a day at camp look like?”

At Camp Gilead, the planning behind a day of camp is carefully calculated and prepared so that campers are able to have fun, play, rest, eat and interact with others in a way that will maximize their summer camp experience.

The following is a peek into what a typical day at resident camp might look like at Camp Gilead

7:00 AM – Rise & Shine

Campers are treated to a cheery wake up call over the loud-speaker & begin to get ready for the day as well as clean their cabins.  If there is a “theme” to the cabin clean up that morning, they will decorate their cabin accordingly.

8:00 AM – Breakfast

9:00 AM – Cabin Bible Time

The counselor leads the campers in his/her cabin  through a prepared and interactive Bible lesson that is related to our summer theme and age appropriate.

10:00 AM – Morning Chapel

A dynamic and exciting all camp assembly filled with lively songs, skits, contests, and the weekly camp speaker gives a lesson & challenge.  Junior high and high schoolers typically are able to choose from a selection of workshops following the singing portion of chapel.

11:00 AM – Free Time & Mail Call

Campers are able to choose from activities in a supervised and staffed section of the camp.  Mail is typically delivered during this time and the “Wheel of MisFortune” is brought out for those that receive packages.  The iconic Camp Gilead Wheel has a wide variety of fun rewards as well as misfortunes such as losing points, running a lap and other fun misfortunes.

12:00 PM – Lunch

12:45 – 1:15 – R & R

Rest and Relaxation for both camper & counselor in their own cabins.

1:15 – 5:15 PM – Activity Sessions

Campers move, as a cabin, to pre-assigned activities.  Special care is taken to ensure that all campers are able to participate in each activity.  If a camper chooses not to do a specific activity, that is fine, but each camper is given the opportunity to try something new.  High School campers have a mixture of assigned activities as well as the option to choose from variety of activities offered.

5:30 PM – Dinner

6:30 PM – All Camp Activity

A wide-spread activity including everyone at camp i.e. tug of war etc.

8:00 – Evening Chapel

Similar to morning chapel – an exciting and interactive time filled with singing, skits, testimonies, games and the camp speaker shares another challenge/message with the campers related to the summer theme. 

After Chapel

Junior Campers typically go back to their cabins and begin to get ready for bed.  Junior High & High School campers often have a late night evening game or activity that is staff led and supervised.

It is important that our camper’s needs are met on a physical, social, mental and spiritual level.  Great care is taken to ensure that campers are able to have opportunities to eat, play, rest and interact, face to face, with others throughout the day.  Our staff are trained to supervise at all times, including free times.

Hopefully this overview helps you to understand what a sample day looks like at Camp Gilead.  Of course, camp is filled with exciting surprises and adventures throughout the day, but this gives a general idea of what your child will spend their days doing at Camp Gilead!

Kimberly Mallory

Camp Gilead Program Director