If you come to a week or spend a summer on staff at Camp Gilead, you’ll learn a lot of things. 

But here are some things you WON’T learn at camp…

How to watch TV all day

How to go to bed early

How to sleep in

How to take a long shower

How to enjoy a quiet meal

How to be lonely

How to play video games

How to be bored

How to lap swim

How to sing normally without motions

How to have dining room etiquette

How to be lazy

How to diet #desserteverymeal #cinnamonrolls #popsinn #latenightsnacking

How to always know what’s happening next

How to maintain a half marathon training schedule

How to avoid learning about Jesus

How to spend hours getting ready

How to play alone

How to avoid making the best memories of your life

Submitted by many Camp Gilead Staff Alumni

(got any more ideas of things you WON’T learn at camp?)